Custom Hunting Rifle Models

We offer two rifle models: our Standard Weight Rifle and our most popular Ultra-Lite Rifle.

Both are crafted to the same high standards and are deadly accurate. As you might expect, the Ultra-Lite is the ideal choice if you want to carry as little weight as possible on your hunt.

Compare these models:

Standard Weight



7.5lb – 8lb 8oz

5lb 8oz

Weights vary based on caliber, barrel contour, and barrel length.
 Action  Remington 700
Some calibers can use Mauser (control feed)
 Remington 700
 Blue Printing Action Squaring front of action with treads.
 Barrel  Pac Nor – SS Match Grade, hand-lapped with 24-28oz. glass bedded Bell & Carlson – Kevlar and Graphite stock.  Pac Nor – SS Super Match Grade, hand-lapped up to 338 RUM with 20oz glass bedded MPI – Fiberglass and Kevlar reinforced stock.
 Trigger  Timney or Accu-Mark.Adjusted 3-3 1/4 lb creep free.  Timney or Accu-Mark.Adjusted 3lb creep free.
 Spring  28lb main spring installed for reliable primer ignition in cold weather and faster lock time.
 Firing Pin  Adjusted for proper protrusion.
 Scope Base Burris Signature Rings 1″ or 30mm
(varies with scope selection)
Sighting Scope mounted and zeroed. Scope not included in rifle price. Customer can provide own or purchase new from ACRW.
Barrel Break-in We clean after each shot for first 5 rounds, and after every 5 rounds for the first 50 rounds.
Duracoat Finish Coat metal and stock in customer”s choice of color.
Muzzle Brake SS Vais SS Vais



Scope Not included in price.
Name Engraved +$100 Complimentary
Heavy Calibers .375 H&H, .416 Rem. & RUM +$100
 Custom Loads Ask for info and pricing.

*Prices do not include tax or insured shipping.