Benefits Of A Custom Rifle

Owning a custom-built rifle is about so much more than convenience or showing it off to friends and other hunters. While many sportsmen do indeed treat our custom rifles as presents or rewards for themselves, the true benefits of owning an ACRW rifle are incredibly functional and beneficial:

  • Unbelievably Lightweight
    If you’ve been to gun shows or hunting expos before, you’ve likely seen manufacturers showcasing their “lightweight” rifles. If you would had sat with us at our booth during these shows, you would have heard guests remarking about how much lighter our rifles are than all of the others. Imagine a rifle as feather-light as 5lb 8oz. Even better, imagine how much better your back and shoulder would feel after a long hunt compared to lugging around a rifle weighing twice as much.
  • Painstakingly Assembled
    We do not cut any corners in making rifles for our valued customers. Just like any other trade, the most valuable aspects of producing rifles are the experience and skills of the craftsman. We could produce more rifles each year and increase sales by hiring additional employees. However, we’ve found that for such a precise and demanding task, experience is hard to come by. Therefore, unlike many other companies, we resist the temptation to grow by hiring inexperienced persons, and instead remain true to our core mission: making the best possible rifles, one at a time.
  • Fully Customizable
    Your desired caliber. Your desired barrel length. Your desired trigger pull weight. Your desired scope. Your desired color. Your desired engraving. Your desired Duracoat finish… Are you sensing a pattern? Your rifle is being made for you, not the masses. Shouldn’t it be just the way you want it? We think so.
  • Reliable
    Our rifles are typically built on the unbeatable Remington 700 action, the world standard in efficiency and reliability. Every single part on each rifle we make is top quality and carefully inspected before assembly. Should you ever have a problem with your rifle, you’ll be able to speak with the craftsman that made it for you. How many companies can make that promise?
  • Accurate
    Your rifle will be sighted and zeroed before delivery. Your rifle will be deadly accurate, out of the box, for almost all types of game.

There are many more benefits that come standard with each rifle we make. The benefits that matter most to you though will likely depend on your intended use of your rifle. Contact us now to discuss the rifle(s) you need, and we’ll answer your questions and provide helpful insight on how we can give you a great advantage on your upcoming hunt(s).